Monday, February 24, 2020

European Western Comic Books ~ Raccolta Albobusta Rossa

Alba Busta Rossa was a comic book series which totaled 60 issues which were divided into 4 series each containing 15 books which were placed on the market at the same time. The published stories all contained different historical settings including Perry and Pit a western adventure series created by Ivo Pavone with artwork and drawings by Solano Lopez. The other three adventure series consisted of:

Peter Roll series. A history of the sci-fi heroes Crema and Spaccabue, drawn by Solano Lopez.

Pampa Heroes series. Made by Carlo Roume with the title of "Patria veja". Among the stories in the appendix also "Lucky Lupo" by Renzo Orrù.

Marine series. Submarine adventures designed by Mario Cubbino and Ferdinando Tacconi which had already appeared in Piccolo Sceriffo - Serie Oro (1953/1954).

This comic book series was published weekley in 1959 by the Torelli Publishing House in Milan, Italy. Each issue contained 28 pages with a mixture of color and black and white pages and covers.

Each series contained a prize voucher. By completing the series of the four prize vouchers, you were entitled to a gift bag (Bustalbo) which contained assorted books.

Unfortunately no title listing is available.

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