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Voices of the Euro-western ~ “Minnesota Clay”

As we know most of the Euro-westerns were co-productions from Italy, Spain, Germany and France which incorporated British and American actors to gain a worldwide audience. The films were shot silent and then dubbed into the various languages where they were sold for distribution. That means Italian, Spanish, German, French and English voice actors were hired to dub the films. Even actors from the countries where the film was to be shown were often dubbed by voice actors for various reasons such as the actors were already busy making another film, they wanted to paid additional salaries for dubbing their voices, the actor’s voice didn’t fit the character they were playing,
 accidents to the actors and in some cases even death before the film could be dubbed.

I’ll list a Euro-western and the (I) Italian, (S) Spanish, (G) German and (F) French, (E) English voices that I can find and once in a while a bio on a specific voice actor as in Europe these actors are as well-known as the actors they voiced.

Today we’ll cover “Minnesota Clay”
[(I) Italian, (S) Spanish, (G) German (F) French, (E) English]

Cameron Mitchell – (I) Emilio Cigoli, (S) Claudio Rodríguez, (F) Georges Aminel
Fernando Sancho – (I) Luigi Pavese, (S) Teófilo Martínez, (F) Jean Clarieux
Alberto Cevenini – (I) Massimo Turci, (S) Juan Logar, (F) ?
Georges Rivière – (I) Nando Gazzolo, (S) Félix Acaso, (F) Serge Sauvion
Antonio Casas – (I) Giorgio Capecchi, (S) Antonio Casas, (F) Serge Sauvion
Diana Martin – (I) Maria Pia Di Meo, (S) Ángela González, (F) Martine Sarcey
Ethel Rojo – (I) Rita Savagnone, (S) Mercedes Mireya, (F) Nadine Alari


Rita Savagnone was born in Rome, Italy on September 19, 1939 to Giuseppe Savagnone and Rosella Marraffa, She is the younger sister of voice actress Deddi Savagnone and the cousin of composer Claudio Abbado (Savagnone's father and Abbado's mother are siblings). Savagnone began her acting career at some point during the 1950s. She is better known to the Italian public as a voice actress. She is the official Italian voice of Vanessa Redgrave, Edwige Fenech and Joan Collins. Other actresses’ she’s dubbed include Whoopi Goldberg, Shirley MacLaine, Debbie Reynolds, Liza Minnelli, Farrah Fawcett and more. In Savagnone's animated roles, she voiced Shenzi in the Italian version of “The Lion King”.

As an actress, Savagnone appeared in at least seven films and eight television shows. Her latest film appearance “The Move of The Penguin” was directed by her son Claudio Amendola.

Savagnone has been married to voice actor Ferruccio Amendola until 1971. They had three children including actor Claudio Amendola. She was also married with playwright Manlio Santanelli but that marriage also ended in divorce. Through Claudio, she has three grandchildren including voice actress Alessia Amendola.

In 2014 she performed at the cinema with the comedy “La possa del pinguino”, which was the directorial debut of her son Claudio, in which her niece Alessia also played a role.

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