Friday, July 19, 2019

Pipo in the West

Pipo in el Oeste – Spanish title
Pipo in the West-Best – English title

A 1980 Dutch television production [Nederlandse Omroepstichting (NOS) (Amsterdam)]
Producer: Edwin Prins
Director: Nico Knapper
Story: Wim Meuldijk
Teleplay: Wim Meuldijk
Photography: Richard Laurent [color]
Music: Benny Ludeman, Joop Reynolds
Running time: 7 episodes x 25 minutes

Pipo - Cor Witschge
Mammaloe - Marijke Bakker
Plom - Janine van Wely
Klukkluk - Herbert Joeks
Knersende Vlerk - Frits Hassoldt
Smoky  Spaai - Michiel Kerbosch
Moeders Ugh - Riek Schagen
Ruisend Riet - Cecile Knapper
Geurend Gras - Belinda Meuldijk
Big Boss Billy Bulk - Piet Römer
James Lost - Piet Ekel
Moki-Pil - Henk Batenburg
Saloon pianist - Joop Reynolds

Episode list: Een pijlsnelle spion, De grote bocht, Touwtrekken in Spoke City, Hoe wordt men een held?, Piep zei de muis, De olie-bolle-bozen, Floepens... raak, Wie wint de West?

Pipo, Mamaloe and Plom travel with their friend Klukkluk to the Wild West. For Klukkluk, this means a journey back home and to his family. Twenty years ago he left on his journey and never returned. But as soon as the group gets closer to Klukkluk's birthplace, they hear stories about the heroic nature of their friend. It appears that all those years Klukkluk's mother Ugh has bragged about the heroic deeds of her son. Now he will have to prove himself, and protect the Indians against the stingy landowner Billy Bulk. Fortunately, Pipo and his friends are there to help him!


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