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European Western Comic Books ~ Big Explorers (Buffalo Bill)

Big Explorers (Buffalo Bill)

At least 18 issues were published. Numbers 7-11 were titled the Gold Series, numbers 13-18 were titled Western Series.

In the Gold Series: various stories were reprinted (texts by Massimo Liorni, drawings by V. Canevari, covers by Annibale Casabianca) also from the series BIG EXPLORERS and the first episodes of BUFFALO BILL (BB) by Famous Heroes of Adventure (1953) with drawings and covers by Guido Buzzelli. Number 8 was overprinted on the cover: February 1, 1958.

In the Western Series: reprints mainly western stories designed and written by Guido Buzzelli.

The year of first publication was 1957 beginning with issue number 1 on 8/1/1957 and finishing with issue number 18 on 0/1/1958. The publisher was Flaminia Publishing House in Rome, Italy directed by Fedora Bellis and pringed byAdriana typolithography. It was published fortnightly and each issue was 32 pages long with black and white pages with color covers.

01 (01.08.57) - “Fiamme su Calcutta!” (Flames of Calcutta)
02 (15.08.57) - “Il bandito mascherato” (The Masked Bandit)
03 (01.09.57) - “Le avventure di Bill Coda” (The Adventures of Bill Cola)
04 (15.09.57) - “Battaglie africane” (African Battles)
05 (01.10.57) - “La pista di sangue” (BB) (The Trail of Blood)
06 (15.10.57) - “Il tradimento del meticcio” (BB) (The Betrayal of the Half-Breed)
07 (01.11.57) - “Il trafficante d’armi” (BB) (The Arms Dealer)
08 (15.11.57) - “Battaglia a Forte Preston” (BB) (Battle at Fort Preston)
09 (15.03.58) - “I banditi di Alloway City” (BB) (The Bandits of Alloway City)
10 (01.04.58) - "La taverna del Grappolo d'Oro" (BB) (The Tavern of the Bunch of Gold)
11 (15.04.58) - "La miniera maledetta" (BB) (The Cursed Mine)
12 (00.00.58) - "?"
13 (15.06.58) - "Il figlio dello sceriffo" (The Sheriff’s Son)
14 (01.07.58) - “L’assalto dei Sioux” (The Assault of the Sioux)
15 (15.07.58) - “Geronimo il re dei pellirosse” (Geronimo the King of the Redskins)
16 (01.08.58) - “Terzo Lancieri, carica!” (The Charge of the Third Lancers!)
17 (15.08.58) - “Selvagge frontiere del West” (Wild Frontiers of the West)
18 (01.09.58) - "Il trionfo di Geronimo" (The Triumph of Geronimo)

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