Thursday, July 4, 2019

Spaghetti Western Location ~ Rambla Bienavides

Rambla Bienavides is locted about three kilometers west of Tabernas, over which rises a large isolated rock in the shape of a fireplace, which appears in "The Last Tomahawk" (1965) (at the beginning of the film); "El Condor" (1970) (at the foot of Cabeza de Aguila the Apache camp of Iron Eyes Cody, where Lee Van Cleef and Jim Brown meet him); "Companeros" (1970) (riding scene of the three protagonists: Franco Nero, Tomas Milian, Fernando Rey); "Chato’s Land" (1971): "Massacre at Fort Holman" (1972) (at the staged march of the group led by James Coburn); "Those Dirty Dogs" (1973); "China 9, Liberty 37" (1978) (in a sequence with Fabio Testi); "The Daltons" (2004)

“The Last Tomahawk” (1965)

“El Condor” (1970)

“Companeros” (1970)

“Massacre at Fort Holman” (1972)

“Those Dirty Dogs” (1973)

“The White, the Yellow, the Black” (1974)

“The Daltons” (2004)

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