Monday, July 22, 2019

A Man, a Town and One Ave Maria

Un hombre, una ciudad y un Ave Maria – Spanish title
A Man, a Town and One Ave Maria – English title

A 2018 Spanish film production [D.E.D. Independet Film ( )]
Producer: Derk Roche, Ulrich Angersbach, Martina Mazanti
Director: Derk Roche
Story: Derk Roche, Ulli Angersbach (Ulrich Angersbach)
Screenplay: Derk Roche, Ulli Angersbach (Ulrich Angersbach)
Photography: Tom Laudidau, Derk Roche, Martin Heinsohn [color]
Music: Robert Kincade, Blacksmith, Paul Amos, Gplowman, Creative Music Factory, The Music
     Maker, Frank Mankiz Productions, Musiconoff
Running time: 39 minutes

Sheriff - Ulrich Angersbach
Jack Kelly - Derk Roche
With: Ricardo Cruz Fernandez, Martina, Marzanti, Antonio Pequeno Oso, Franky J. Cuaron, Didier Methivier, Ian Foster, Manuel Torres, Emi López Salmerón, Nauwel Castaneda, Antonio Gil, Ray Watts, Emi Lopez, Didier Methivier, Janine Hutchin, John Hutchins, Antonio Pequena Oso
Master of Arms: Boogie Barker
Stunts: Stunt Crew Tabernas

A man stumbles into the deserted town of Calico pursuing the three men who killed his woman and left him for dead in the desert.

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