Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Der Indian-Lily

Der Indian-Lily – German title

A 1919 German production
Director: Peter Ostermayr
Story: Die indische Lilie by Hermann Sudermann
Running time:

Joe Stöckel

Story unknown.


  1. I would be grateful for your source of information about this film. I cannot trace it in the various tomes I have on the German cinema. The book is well known.

  2. The title was mentioned in an article calledBavarian Wild West mania: “Come, get the lasso” which I posted on July 2, 2019 the article was originally published in Spiegel on line by Katja Iken on June 13, 2019. The first picture is supposedly from the film according to the article. I hope this helps. Tom

  3. Thanks, Tom. In all the many on-line and hard copy filmographies I can find no linking of Kampers, Stöckel and Ostermayr. If the film had been made based on the short story, then it would have not have been a western. Die Indische Lilie (note the female form) is a love story set in Europe. Indische refers to Indian. Had the reference been to the Native American then the word would probably have been Indianische.
    Seems we have a mystery!

  4. Hi Eddie, I had never heard of this title either and I have quite a few books on Euro-westerns silent - sound. I;m quite aware of Stöckel as he was in quite a few early westerns. Keep me posted if you find out anything more. I guess we'll have to put a question mark next to the title until definitive proof is obtained.