Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Spaghetti Western Location ~ Puente Leone

Puente Leone is the sight of what once was a five-arched bridge (of which the three power stations are close together) was built, about four kilometers upstream from the current Oasys/Mini Holywoos, in a rambla by the dirt road that leads to the Sierra Alhamilla (access to Colativi) for the spectacular sequence for the film "Duck You Sucker" (1971), in which the bridge itself is blown up by John Mallory (James Coburn). Of this great stone artifact, which deserves to be remembered as Puente Leone, there are still the landing and an arch on the northern side of the rambla and the extremity on the southern side (towards the dirt road). A few hundred meters further upstream, near the dirt road, the machinegun nests (stone walls) where John Mallory and Juan Miranda (Rod Steiger) have remained intact. A few dozen meters from there, there is still the slope where we see the insurgents rising, who, facing the advance of the Column of government soldiers led by Colonel Gunther Reza, retreat to the caves of San Isidro, leaving only Mallory and Miranda remained behind to destroy the bridge. You can also see two camera huts where the cameramen were located and protected from flying debris when the bridge was blown up. 

“Duck You Sucker” (1971)

“Duck You Sucker” (1971)

Camera hut to protect the camerman.

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