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Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

La rivière du hibou – French title
Zwischenfall auf der Eulenfluss-Brücke – German title
Bagoly folyó – Hungarian title
Un avvenimento sul ponte di Owl Creek – Italian title
Совиный ручей – Russian title
Sista minute – Swedish title
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge – U.S.A. title
Incident at Owl Creek – U.S.A. title
Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge – U.S.A. title

A 1961 French short film production [Filmartic, Les Films du Centaure (Paris)]
Producers: Paul de Roubaix, Marcel Ichac
Director: Robert Enrico
Story: Ambrose Bierce
Screenplay: Robert Enrico
Cinematography: Jean Boffety [black & white]
Music: Henri Lanoë
Running time: 28 minutes

Peyton Farquhar – Roger Jacquet
Mrs. Farquhar – Anne Cornaly
Union officer - Stéphane Fey
With: Anker Larsen, Jean-François Zeller, Pierre Danny, Louis Adelin

A Civil War civilian is to be executed by hanging, but when the plank is kicked away, instead of breaking his neck, he manages to miraculously escape unscathed or did he?

Reedited for broadcast as one of the final episodes of the television series, The Twilight Zone (1959). The episode is: The Twilight Zone: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (1964). Customary narration by Rod Serling was added for the broadcast.

In the French version, all titles are at the end, as the camera moves along the river, finally showing the hanging man in the distance. 

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  1. This is actually the third title in a compendium film with the same title. The other episodes are :CHICKAMAUCA (29 mins) and L'OISEAUX MOQUER (37 mins). All three have a Civil War setting and all are worth seeing.