Sunday, July 7, 2019

Gringos, Bullets and Beans

Gringos, Bullets and Beans

Gringo bals ty frijoles – Spanish title
Gringos, Bullets and Beans – English title

A 2018 Spanish short film production [Black Films, Vivir Rodando (Madrid)]
Producer: Max de Rossello
Director: Ferran Ureña (Ferran Mallen)
Story: Ferran Ureña (Ferran Mallen)
Screenplay: Ferran Ureña (Ferran Mallen)
Cinematography: Guillem Tramulles [color]
Music: Jaume Cervera
Running time: 4 minutes

Mexican - David Gonzalez – father
Pauvo/Turkey - Jaume Cervera
Mexican’s daughter - Mena Santana
Preacher – Daniel Rey

The quest for a turkey for Thanksgiving gets complicated.

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