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Yakari (2005)

Yakari – French title

A 2005 Belgium, French television co-production [Belvision, Radio Télévision Belge
    (Brussels) Francophone (RTBF) 2 (Paris)]
Producers:  Odile Limousin, Paulette Melloul, Marianne Nihon, Delphine Pialot, Catherine Piette, Arlette Zylberberg, Jean-Michel Spiner
Director: Xavier Giacometti
Story: Joris Chamblain
Teleplay: Marie-Luz Drouet, Claude de Ribeaupierre, André Jobin, Stéphane Melchior-Durand,
                Mathilde Maraninchi, Antonin Poirée, Catherine Le Roux, Eric Rondeaux,  Héloise
                Capoccia, Joel Bassaget, Max Mamoud, Georges Tzanos, Samuel Barksdale, Olivier
                Vannelle, Michel Coulon, Françoise Charpiat, Joël Bassaget, Isabelle Boningre,
                Karine Lollichon, Stève Balissat, Xavier Giacometti, Dodine Grimaldi
Music: Gil Slavin, Hervé Lavandier
     Song: “Theme Song” sung by Sonja Ball, Mark Camacho, Bruce Dinsmore, Terrence
                                        Scammell, Willmyth Coudoux, Bradford Ellis, Michel Perron
Running time: 13 minutes x 130 episodes

Story: Yakari is a young Native American boy from the Soux tribe. With a special gift, a pure heart and a clever mind, Yakari has many adventures and learns just as many lessons while helping those around him.

Arc-en-Ciel (Yakari, Rainbow), Celui-qui-sait (The-One-Who-Knows), Graine-de-Bison  (Buffalo Seed), Slow Caribou, Broth Eye, Roc-Tranquille (Tranquil Rock), Regard-Droit (Bold Gaze), Braid Night, Arc-tendu (Drawn Bow), Moon-Spirit

Episode List: Season 1 – 1) Yakari and Great Eagle, 2) Yakari and Little Thunder, 3)First Gallop, 4) Yakari in the Land of the Wolves, 5) Lords of the plains, 6) The stranger, 7)Flight of the crows, 8) The Devil in the Woods, 9) The Raging Sky, 10) The River of Sorrow, 11) White Fleece, 12) The Cloud Blower, 13) The Lake Monster, 14) Revenge of the Wolverine, 15) Yakari Visits the Beavers, 16) Yakari and the Grizzly, 17) Stuck on an Island, 18) The Wall of Fire, 19) Yakari and the Coyote, 20) The Great Burrow, 21) Yakari and the Condor, 22 A Coyote with No Name, 23) The Mystery of the Cliff Face, 24) Little Thunder's Secret, 25) Rainbow the Snake, 26) Yakari and the Ghost Bear, 27) The Unknown Fisherman, 28) The Talking Oak, 29) The Strange Pony, 30) The Flying Thief, 31) Buffalo Seed Runs Away, 32) Long Bow, 33) The Singing Branch, 34) The Spirit Mask, 35) Like the Wind, 36) The Sacred Stone, 37 Friends for Life, 38) The Lost Flute, 39) The Moon Spirit, 40) A Promise Is a Promise, 41) Yakari and the Angry Bear, 42) The Incredible Rescue, 43) Restful Rock's Challenge, 44) The Prairie Starflower, 45) Cringing Wolf, 46) White Fur, 47) The Sleepwalker,
48) Mysterious Eyes, 49) The Old Buffalo, 50) Son of the Eagle, 51) The Big Mustang, 52) The Red Arrow
Season 2 – 1) The Bear's Claw, 2) Father and Son, 3) The Little Piece of Star, 4) Tracking the Thieves, 5) The Crow's Song, 6) The Roar of the Thunder Bird, 7) Restful Rock's Ride, 8) The Tribe's Gift, 9) Saving the Nest,  10) Yakari and the Newborn, 11) Rainbow's Sacrifice, 12) Moon Spirit's Last Journey, 13) Hunting for Clay, 14) The Buffalo's Horn, 15) The Sun Seeds, 16) The Buffalo's Tracks, 17) The Cristal, the Scale and the Feather, 18 The Dream Catcher, 19) Linden Is Not a Baby, 20) Between Dog and Wolf, 21) The Snake's Eggs, 22) The Pelican and the Fishers, 23) The Big Nest, 24) The Giant's Footprint, 25) The Eye of the Lynx, 26) The Rays of Light             

Season 3 – 1) The Bear Cub's Escape, 2) The Giant Awakens, 3) The Swamp of Fear, 4) Like Two Brothers, 5) The Runaway Goat, 6) Yakari and the Insomniac Bear, 7 The Fires, 8) The Secret of the River, 9 A Heavy Treasure, 10) The Strange Visitors, 11) The Guide of the Plains, 12) The Feathers of Joy, 13 Papoose Up A Tree, 14) The Pack Without a Leader, 15) Yakari and the Sasquatch, 16) Yakari Confronts Wooden Brow, 17 The Mysterious Rock, 18) The Puma Hunters, 19) Silver Arrow's Challenge, 20) The Flying Invaders, 21 The Mockingbird, 22) Red Cloud, 23) Lost Antelope  Calf,  24) The Stone Labyrinth, 25 Forked Horns, 26) Lost Puppy

Season 4 – The Honor of the Tribe, The Long Walk of Eyes-Always-Shot

Season 5 – The Singing Branch, White Fur, Everything Back to Front, The Angry Crows,  The Blue Horse, The Great Thirst, The Grizzly Bear Hunt, The Sleep of the Wolverine

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