Friday, March 15, 2019

New Film Release

Never Grow Old – English title
Where We'll Never Grow Old – English title

A 2018 Irish. British film production [Ripple World Pictures (Dublin), Iris Productions
Producers:  James Atherton, Will Machin, Jan Pace, Sam Parker, Jonaathan Saba, Jacqueline
     Kerrin, Nicolas Steil, Dominic Wright, Marina Festré, Marie-Claire Kerrin, Alice de Sousa,
     Frédéric Fiore, Philippe Logie, John Brady
Director: Ivan Kavanagh
Story: Ivan Kavanagh
Screenplay: Ivan Kavanagh
Cinematography: Piers McGrail [color]
Music: Aza Hand, Will Slattery, Gast Waltzing
Running time: 100 minutes

Durch Albert - John Cusack
Patrick Tate - Emile Hirsch
Maria Pike - Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Preacher Pike - Danny Webb
Audrey Tate - Déborah François
Ed - Paul Reid
Mrs. Crabtree - Anne Coesens
Fred - Blake Berris
Bill Crabtree - Paul Ronan
Sheriff Parker – Tim Ahern
Dumb-Dumb - Sam Louwyck
Elsa Edwards - Leila Schaus
Dorothy Peale - Liz McMullen
Prospector - Jean-François Wolff
Thomas Tate - Quinn Topper Marcus
Widow of elderly man - Claire Johnston
Emma Tate - Molly McCann
Sicily - Camille Pistone
Pete - Sean Gormley
Emily Crabtree - Manon Capelle
Emmet, Jim - Nickel Bösenberg
Man in mourning at funeral - Éric Gigout
Cherokee Thomson - Dick O'Hary
Pete’s father - Nicolas de Lavergne
Schuster - Steve Karier
Rosie - Julie Kieffer
Anthony Peale - Peter Newington
Temperance singer - Niceol Blue
Peale child - Eloise Kerrin-Wright
Stunt coordinator -Joe Condren

An undertaker profits when outlaws take over an American frontier on the California Trail, but his family comes under threat as the death toll rises.

Set in the harsh American frontier landscape of 1849 the film is about greed and its consequences. It is a Faustian tale of outsider Patrick Tate who lives with his young family on the outskirts of a relatively peaceful frontier town until outlaws take over and kill all those who challenge them. Patrick plays a dangerous game befriending and profiting from the outlaws mayhem and it is only a matter of time before he must protect his own from the bloodshed.


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