Saturday, March 30, 2019

RIP Paloma Cela

Veteran Spanish theater, film and television actress Paloma Cela died in La Paz Hospital in Madrid, Spain on Saturday March 30, 2019, She turned 76 on March 4th of this year. Born  María Luisa Cela Molinero, she began her career as a model of leading figures such as Balenciaga or Asunción Bastida, before making the leap to film with Ozores in films such as “Operación Secretaria” (1966) and “Operación cabaretera” (1967) ), both with José Luis López Vázquez and Gracita Morales. Her relationship with the Madrid director would be extensive and would lead her to participate in other titles such as “Operation Mata Hari” (1968) or “Objective: bi-ki-ni” (1969).  Cela also acted along with other directors like Giulio Petroni “Terepa ... Viva la revolución”, (1969), Basilio Martín Patino “Del amor y otros soledades”, (1969), Robert Parrish “A Town Called Hell, (1971) and more recently, Santiago Segura “Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella”, (2001).

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