Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spaghetti Western Location ~ Fuerte Gobi

On a plateau (Llano Ochotorena) above the Rambla de Cautivo in a panoramic position a fort was built for the film "The Deserter" (1970), and then used in "Blindman" (1971) and "Massacre at Fort Holman" (1972). This large structure was composed of a large square and some buildings surrounded by a low fence, of which today only a small stretch remains. Everything else has collapsed and fallen to the ground: the wooden entrance door and large parts of the walls of the buildings were built with racks of reeds, wood and plasterboard.

“The Deserter” (1970)

“Blindman” (1971)

“Masacre at Fort Holman” (1972)

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