Saturday, March 23, 2019

New Book Release in English and French

Hollywood Garage: My father Edmund Purdom
Author Lilan Purdom

Les Editions Sydney Laurent
Languagea: English/French
Pages: 309/240
ISBN-13: 979-1032613795
ISBN-13: 979-1032604267
English version available: March 8, 2018
French version available: March 16, 2018

Through photos, press articles and movie posters, Lilan Purdom recounts the tempestuous career of her father, the English actor Edmund Purdom, rising star of the American cinema in the 50’s and who, after leaving wife and children and causing a scandal in the American press, went into exile in Italy. He will become one of the heroes of Italian B cinema. Dramatically separated from their parents, Lilan Purdom and her sister will go to live with their grandmother in France. It is exile for all. In this story, the absence will be more treacherous than death and more difficult to overcome.

 French version cover

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