Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dark Country

Dark Country – English title

A 2013 Britih film short production [Fire in the Hole Productions (Brighton)]
Producer: Tim Seyfert & Rick Roberts
Director: Rick Roberts
Story: Rick Roberts & Dominic Coddington
Screenplay: Rick Roberts & Dominic Coddington
Cinematography: Peter Naylor [color]
Music: Siddhartha Barnhoorn
Running time: 30 minutes

The Stranger - Tim Seyfert
Armistead - Tim J Henley
Sara – Holly Kenyon
Maddox - Russell Barnett
Cody - Gareth Bennett-Ryan
Anna - Chantal Bluck
Boorman – Julian Boote
Shopkeeper – Richard Butchers
Myra Belle – Nicole Donne
Townswoman – Josephine Halbert
Townsman – Chris Newcombe
Van Bolen – Rmi Hilmi
Booth – Christian Knight
Red - Petros Koukoulomatis
Hickerson – Fergus Rees
Little girl – Daisy Roberts
Baby – Jake Roberts

Missouri, 1865. The Civil War may be over, but for some, the violent divide between North and South still rages on. After a southern stranger and his wife are attacked in their home by a gang of ex-Union soldiers, a vehement quest for retribution is ignited. Two years later, the former soldiers are ruling over a small town in Indian Territory, where their ruthless leader reigns as the local marshall. But when a mysterious outsider suddenly rides into town, the men soon realize they're all being hunted, one by one, by the same southern stranger they had once watched die. 

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