Friday, November 1, 2013

Who Are Those Guys? - Laurence Bien

Lorenzo ‘Laurence’ Bien was born in Germany most likely in the late 1940s. Beginning in 1969 he made about 10 films and a couple of television appearances before ending his career in 1979 and dropping out of sight. Since he appeared in several soft porn films, possibly he continued his career under an alias we are unaware of.
If anyone knows any furher information please leave a message in the comment section.

BIEN, Laurence (Lorenzo Bien) [German] - TV actor.
Requiem for a Bounty Hunter – 1971 (Sabata)
Porno Erotic Western - 1978


  1. Apparently Bien is wirking till today as a journalist. He's named here:
    as the editor of BDB Nachrichten München (=Bund Deutscher Baumeister Architekten und Ingenieure), a magazine called "BDB News Munich", appearing as a professional magazin for builders, architectures and engineers. He edited it from 1990 to 2000, as I read it (it's undoubtedly him in the right pic). He's further listed here: as being a journalist living in Munich, which would fit...

  2. Thanks Fatman! I saw an article mentioning his name and the photo looked like it could have been him at an older age but I wasn't sure it was the same guy. Thanks for the information.

  3. The TV series Bien had guest roles in were shot in (and round) Munich, too ("DEr Kommissar" and "Derrick"), so that's anither hint he's our guy.

  4. As always Daniel, your information and comments are much appreciated.