Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RIP Hans von Borsody

The film and theater actor Hans von Borsody died on Monday October 4, 2013 at his home in Kiel, his agency announced on Tuesday. Borsody was 84 years old . As a detective, " Cliff Dexter" he drew 1960s German filmgoers by the millions under his spell. He later starred as Cyrano de Bergerac’s Urfaust on theater stages and was seen in the war drama "A Bridge Too Far " (1977). In his decades- long career, the native of Vienna had never himself  in leading.
Hans was born in Vienna on the 20th of September 1929. His parents were the film director Edward von Borsody and the concert pianist and violinist , Mary Hochreiter. Early on Borsody came into contact with the film business. At his father's request, he began training at first as a model but "He wanted me to learn something decent ," said Borsody on his 80th Birthday. From 1950 to 1952, he completed his acting studies at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. Borsody was later on stages in many cities such as Munich, Vienna, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg.
Thanks to his first film roles as lovers, young heroes and outdoorsmen Hans von Borsody quickly made a name for himself. He rode across the prairie as a Western hero and fought as a "Robin Hood" for the poor. Later appearances followed on television series such as "Forest House Sokolov " and "Klinik unter Palmen". His "life role" was in Cyrano de Bergerac, in Vienna where Borsody played Andernach. "This role I had dreamed about during my studies." Hans appeared as Captain Hunter in the 1965Euro-western "Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West" opposite Gordon Scott.
Hans von Borsody was last seen in the 2013 German film “Der Meineidbauer”. He is survived by his wife Karin and their two daughters, the actresses Suzanne and Cosima von Borsody.

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