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Scansati... a Trinità arriva Eldorado – Italian title
Colpo grosso a Eldorado – Italian title
Os Pistoleiros de Trinity – Brazilian title
Pistoleiros de Trinity – Brazilian title
Planque-toi minable… Trinita arrive – French title
Arriva Eldoraro – German title
Pokerface auf krummen Touren – German title
Dynasteia katharmaton – Greek title
Go Away! Trinity Has Arrived in Eldorado – English title
Step Aside! Eldorado is Coming to Trinity – English title
Run Men, Eldorado is Coming to Trinity – English title
Run Men Run – English title
Pokerface – English title
Trinity in Eldoraro – English title
Trinity in Eldorado – English title
Go Away! Trinity has Arrived in Eldorado – English title
Stay Away from Trinity When He Comes to Eldorado – English title
A 1972 Italian production [Elektra Film (Rome)]
Producers: Massimo Bernardi, Diego Spataro, Demofilo Fidani
Director: Dick Spitfire (Aristide Massaccesi)
Story: Romano Scandariato, Diego Spataro
Screenplay: Demofilo Fidani, Romano Scandariato, Diego Spataro
Cinematography: Aristide Massaccesi [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Giancarlo Chiaramello
Song: “Jesahel” sung by Delirium
Running time: 95 minutes
Sebastian ‘Seb’ Carter – Stan Cooper (Stelvio Rosi)
Jonathan Duke – Gordon Mitchell (Chuck Pendleton)
Eldorado – Craig Hill (Craig Fowler)
Juanita – Daniela Giordana
Ringo Jones – Custer Gail (Amerigo Castrighella)
Annie – Carla Mancini
Mexican girl at party – Erica Blanc
Henchman – Aristide Massaccesi
Bartender – Fulvio Pellegrino
Pussy – Lina Alberti (Anna Lina Alberti)
Wedding guest - Xiro Papas
Young Mexican at party – Erica Blanc (Enrica Colombatto)
Band - Osanna
With: Lucky McMurray (Luciano Conti), Paul Crain (Vincenzo Pulcrano), Anthony G. Stanton (Franco Ricci), Dennis Colt (Benito Pacifico), Claudio Ruffini, Sergio Testori, Ergio Smacchi, Enrico Chiappafreddo, Gianni Brezza

Jonathan Duke makes a living by cheating at cards and selling the fake elixir of life. He’s helped in this enterprise by Sebastian Carter as his barker. Unmasked by a stubborn old man, the two return to Trinity. Here Eldorado has accumulated wealth through tyranny and calling himself a god. He fulfills his delusions in the midst of a bevy of servants. To rob this dangerous madman Duke asks for help from Ringo Jones and sides with Juanita, a victim of the despot. With a ploy (appearing as a magician who is assisted by Juanita) Jonathan manages to steal a large sum from Eldorado. Then with Eldorado neutralized Ringo, Carter, Juanita and himself he opens a gambling hall where he can happily cheat.

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