Monday, November 18, 2013

Sporchi dollari

Sporchi dollari – Italian title
A 1970 Italian production
Producer: Cesare Bianchini
Director: Sergio Garrone
Story: Sergio Garrone
Screenplay: Sergio Garrone, Manuel Martinez Remis
Cinematography: Pablo Ripoll, Gaetano Valle [color]
Music: Elsio Mancuso
Running time: 88 minutes
Peter Martell (Pietro Martellanza), William Berger (Wilhelm Berger), Diana Lorys (Ana Vega), Cris Huerta, Fabian Conde
A peon is framed for the killing of a rich cattleman but escapes and with the help of a bounty hunter goes after the real murderer.
[Film was later completed as “Bastardo, vamos a matar” (“Bastard Go and Kill”)]

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