Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy 75th Birthday Nieves Navarro

Nieves Navarro García was born on November 10, 1938 in Almería, Andalucía, Spain. She then moved with her family to Barcelona. She then started as a model in advertising and fashion, and became famous thanks to television commercial work and then with appearances on Spanish TV shows.
Her first film work took place in Spaghetti western being filmed in Almeria. Navarro married Italian director and producer Luciano Ercoli in 1972 and the pair settled in Italy, where he made most of his career. This led to her appearances in giallo and Italian erotic cinema, genres from which she emerged as a major star, with great success in two of the “Emmanuelle” films and Il Medico... la  studentessa” (1976). During this time she often used the alias Susan and Suzanne Scott.
In the 1980s she tried to return to Spanish movies with titles like “Miele di donna” (1981) , with Fernando Rey, but without the expected success.
She recently returned to Spain, settling in Barcelona with her husband. Navarro appeared on the Spanish TV program ‘Cine de barrio’, presented by José Manuel Parada. Here she and the singer Peret, who starred with her in the 1969 movie “Amor a todo gas” reminisced about the film, and talked about her career as a model and actress. With her husband she participated in a tribute to the giallo held in Barcelona.
Today, in my opinion, we celebrate the sexiest actress of the Spaghetti western genre’s 75th birthday.

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