Saturday, November 2, 2013

Remembering Holger Eckert

Holger Eckert was born on November 2, 1903 in Schneidemühl, Prussia.Eckert debuted in 1963 under the direction of Konrad Petzold in the DEFA feature film “Jetzt und in der Stunde meines Todes”.
Through his role as master of ceremonies in a fairy tale movie “Three Nuts for Cinderella” (Tři oříšky per Popelku) he gained international notoriety in 1973. Holger would go on to appear in one Euro-western that same year “Ulzana” playing the role of Cayrol.
Eckert died on May 17, 1993 in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany.
Today we remember Holger Eckert on what would have been his 110th birthday.

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