Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Remembering Joan Barry

Ina Florence Marshman Bell was born in London, England on  November 5, 1903. She made her first film appearance at the age of 15. As Joan Barry she appeared at St James's Theatre, London when seventeen. She also dubbed the voice of Anny Ondra in the early Alfred Hitchcock thriller “Blackmail” (1929). The limited sound technology available at the time meant that Barry had to dub the Czech actress in real time as she performed the role. Barry would later appear on-screen for Hitchcock in “Rich and Strange” in 1931.
Joan retired from the screen after her first marriage to Henry Hampson in 1934. She had two children with her second husband, Henry Frederick Tiarks III, a wealthy merchant banker, son of Frank Cyril Tiarks, whom she married in 1936. A daughter, Henrietta Joan Tiarks, married Robin Russell, the Marquess of Tavistock, who eventually became the 14th Duke of Bedford. A son, Edward Henry Tiarks, died when he was only six months old in 1943. She was the Grandmother of Andrew Ian Henry Russell (15th Duke of Bedford) [1962- ].
Joan Barry appeared in only one Euro-western: “Hutch Stirs ‘em Up” in 1923 as Joan. Barry died on April 10, 1989 in Marbella, Andalusia, Spain.
Today we remember Joan Barry on what would have been her 110th birthday.

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