Monday, November 25, 2013

Who Are Those Gals? - Paolina Biguine

Paolina Biguine was born in France on March 24, 1995. She has starred in several TV movies and feature films. She played the lead female role of Deborah White in the Euro-western “Big City” (2006). Paolina is also a model and poses for her father, Jean-Claude Biguine a hairdresser. She is the sister of actress Paloma Biguine [1999- ].

BIGUINE, Paolina [3/24/1995, France -     ] - TV actress, daughter of hair dresser Jean-Claude Biguine, sister of actress Paloma Biguine [1999-    ].
Big City - 2006 (Deborah White)

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