Friday, November 15, 2013

New Film Release

Ça caille a l’ombre – French title
Hace frio en la sombra – Spanish title
A 2012 French production [Pioux Productions (Paris)]
Director: Pierre-Yves Hampartzoumian
Cinematography: Pierre-Yves Hampartzoumian, Guillaume Chabert
Music: Guy-Roger Duvert
Running time: 10 minutes
Mamie Cathy – Gaella
Duelists – Kevin, Christophe
Sheriff – Julien
Soldiers – Thomas, Arnaud
Cavalry – Natacha, Felix
Deputies – Mathieu, Sabine, Yann
Observer – Guy Roger
Chief bandit – Christophe
Bandits – Rafa, Riccardo

An old woman watches the comings and goings in an western town including a duel, a bank
robbery and a posse.

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  1. Biltmore: Too bad some of these short filmakers could pool together and come uip with a feature version involving each of their plots interwining.