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The Spikes Gang – U.S.A. title
Tres forajidos y un pistolero – Spanish title
Harry Spike’s bande – Danish title
Rosvoporukka – Finnish title
Du sang dans la poussiere – French title
The Spikes Gang – French title
Vier Vogel am Galgen – German title
La banda di Harry Spikes – Italian title
O Bando de Spikes – Portuguese title
Tres forajidos y un pistolero – Spanish title
Spikes gang – Swedish title
Demir mizraklilar – Turkish title
Harry Spikes – U.K. title
The Spikes Gang – English title
A 1974 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Duo Productions (Madrid), Mirisch Corporation, SanfordProductions (Hollywood)]
Producers: Richard Fleischer, Walter Mirisch
Director: Richard Fleischer
Story: “The Bank Robber” by Giles Tippette
Screenplay: Irving Ravetch, Harriett Frank, Jr.
Cinematography: Brian West [DeLuke color]
Music: Fred Karlin (Frederick Karlin)
Running time: 96 minutes
Harry Spikes – Lee Marvin
Wilson ‘Wil’ Young – Gary Grimes
Les Richter – Ron Howard (Ronald Howard)
Tod Hayhew – Charlie Martin (Charles Martin Smith)
Billy Blanco/Kid White – Arthur Hunnicut
Jack Basset – Noah Beery, Jr.
Abel Young - Marc Smith
Cowboy – Don Fellows (Donald Fellows)
Clara Cratchitt – Susan Coyne
Billy – Elliott Sullivan
Sheriff – Robert Beatty
Posse leader – Ralph Brown
Gillis – Bill Curran
Doctor – Ricardo Palacios (Ricardo Diez)
Sheriff of Carrizo Springs – David Thomson
Bank teller – Bert Conway
Pawnbroker – Adolfo Thous
Shop keeper – Rafael Albaicin (Ignacio-Rafael Escudero)
Mexican – Tito Garcia (Pablo González)
Morton – Allen E. Russell
Mrs. Young – Frances O’Flynn

Harry Spikes, an aging bank robber in the last days of the fading "Old West." He’s found injured and near death by three impressionable and delusion boys. They sneak back to one of the boys home and is mended back to health in the barn. The three youths who are lifelong friends, Tod, Wil, and Les are encouraged by Spikes's reminiscences of adventure and personal freedom. Bored with farm life and a future of more of the same, they run away from home seeking excitement and easy living. They become reunited with Spikes on several occasions agreeing to follow his tutoring, ultimately resulting in the gravest of consequences.
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