Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cortijo del Fraile declared a ruin

Nijar declares the Cortijo del Fraile in ruin and given one year to the owner to rehabilitate

D. Martínez/Redacción                                        
Technicians estimated at 748,748 euros municipal budget to run the maintenance and repair of the BIC
The City of Nijar (Almería ) has ordered the company who owns the Cortijo del Fraile, the scene of the natural park of Cabo de Gata linked to the play "Blood Wedding" by Federico Garcia Lorca , who must within a year work on and consolidate the repair of the property and were given 30 days to submit a relevant draft of action on the building declared of site of Cultural Interest (BIC).
The measures are part of the decree issued on day 6 which agrees to open its proceedings to the legal declaration of the urban ruin of the monument and for which, therefore, are advised to
'Agricultural Mission', based in Murcia, that it has a one year term to do the restoration work or otherwise, the property will pass to a forced sale situation and go out to auction for another company or owner to run.
The resolution of the City of Nijar, which had transferred the Andalusian Board decision that is maintaining an administrative penalty against the company, comes as the prosecution maintains an open investigation procedures to resolve whether he would be committing a criminal offense alleged to "circumvent" the order of a court issued last February that forced him to take measures to conserve and recover the Cortijo del Fraile.
The technical report justifying the initiation of the legal declaration of ruin BIC, consulted by Europa Press, stresses that it is "obvious" that the set, covering nearly 2,000 square meters, requires the conservation and rehabilitation works "inherent" by the brand owner as Andalusian planning regulations.
It refers, in this line, that the Board disciplinary proceedings against 'Agricultural Mission' forces them to "strengthen and repair the property" and to "develop a conservation project, and to proceed to the perimeter fence, where the work will be currently executed ".
Nijar municipal technicians indicate that the estimated budget practical to conduct much of maintenance and repair works would amount to 520,000 euros, no overhead, industrial benefit and tax, which brings the figure to rise to 748,748 euros. Moreover, according to this estimate which quantifies the fees prescriptive for writing this conservation project of 62,920 euros.
"Partially collapse hazard "
According to the same report, the current state of the building is "very hazardous" as there are constructions "partially demolished walls along with other still standing and others on the verge of collapse." So, detailing that areas with greater degradation corresponds to the pastor's house, the trough the barn and cortijero housing," the whole structure of the horizontally and vertically to be demolished".
Still standing but in "grave condition and at risk of partial collapse," according underscore are the main house, stables and chapel. With regard to the latter, says it has a structural system "very different" with a dome, arches and buttresses," which enabled it to be kept better than the rest". However, it warns that it has seen "a significant deterioration of the walls and bell movement with a possibility of crashing to the west".
It concludes that, in general, there is "cracking and disintegration" of the walls, wooden floors rotting, symptoms "obvious" in the rafters exhaustion, lack of waterproofing the roofs, cracks in interior partitions" that have not yet collapsed" and peeling paint.
The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía has imposed five penalty payments to the owner of the Cortijo del Fraile over its refusal to restore the building after the requirements made by the Andalusian government. It represents a cumulative amount of 18,500 euros.
The Board has also sanctioned 30,000 euros for neglecting several of the requests made to strengthen, restore and rehabilitate the property after having resolved the administrative appeal submitted by the ownership of the disciplinary action which was opened in February 2012.


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