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Trinita & Bambino… e adesso tocca a noi – Italian title
Trinidad y Bambino: tal para cual – Spanish title
Ein Begräbnis und die Auferstehung der vier Fäuste – German title
Trinity & Babyface Vier Fauste geh’n zum Teufel – German title
Trinity & Babyface – Sie konnen’s nicht lassen – German titlew
Trinity and Bambino: The Legend Lives On – English title
Sons of Trinity – U.S.A. title
A 1994 Italian, Spanish, German production [Trinidad Film (Rome), Motion Pictures S.A. (Barcelona), Rialto Film (Munich)]
Producers: Italo Zingarelli, Enrique Uviedo
Director: E.B. Clucher (Enzo Barboni)
Story: Marco Barboni (Marcotullio Barboni)
Screenplay: Marco Barboni (Marcotullio Barboni)
Cinematography: Juan Amorós (Juan Andreu) [Technicolor, widescreen]
Music: Stefano Mainetti
Running time: 105 minutes
Trinity – Heath Kizzier
Bambino – Keith Neubert
Bonita – Yvonne De Bark (Yvonne Wunschel)
Centella – Fanny Cadeo
Sheriff – Ronald Nitschke
Parker – Siegfried D’Amore
Ramirez Primero – Renato D’Amore
Theopolis – Jack Taylor (George Randall)
Judge Thompson – Eduardo MacGregor
Gunslingers – Jorge Bosso (Jorge Cuello), Riccardo Pizzuti, Jesus Antonio Olmo
Doctor – Blaki (Francisco Martin)
Porfirio – Paco Catalá (Francisco Catalá)
Verdugo – Jose Lifante
Pedro – Luis de Oteyza
Paco – Juan Ruiz
Fernando – Carlos Alcalde
Emilio – Salvador Frias
Mariano – Juan Frias
Manolo – Luis Castellanos
Gabriel – Ángel Cortes (Ángel Fernández)
Jose – Juan Gomez
Ramirez’s – Rafael Montoya, Juan Diego, Diego Garcia, Tony Lima, Aquilino Gamazo, Pablo Scola, Sergio Perez, Pedro Colmina Parra
Amo – Pablo Garcia (Pablo González)
Katherine – Ana Soriano Pérez
Guitarist – Barbara Granados
Paloma – Paloma de Jose Berganza
Saloon girl – Macarena Miletich
Trumper player – Beatriz Riesgo
Children – Ara Yessayan, Keith Sanchez
Deputy sheriffs – Ruben Tobias, Cesar Varona
Daisy – Pilar Valero
Stunts:  José Sánchez

Trinity junior and Bambino junior are the worthy heirs of their famous fathers Trinity and Bambino, but are even more outrageous then their amazing fathers. When they combine their skills as sheriff and deputy sheriff of San Clementino, they are no match for a gang of thugs terrorizing the area. They also have to deal with two girls, Spark and Bonita, who are in love with our heroes.

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  1. Biltmore: Nice late attempt at a comedy spaghetti

  2. Barboni wasn't included in the making of "Troublemakers" with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer so he decided to make his own Trinity clone film.

  3. How can I find out if Gaetano italian actor is still alive?

  4. I have no idea. I have him in my data base but have no biographical information. No birthdate or deathdate. You might try and leave a message on Facebook with Marco Giusti and ask him what he knows. If you get an information please let us all know. All the best.