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Te Deum – Italian title
Tedeum – Spanish title
Tedeum – Um Pistoleiro em Apuros – Brazilian title
Man kalder os Vestens frækkeste fupmagere – Danish title
Tedeum - Lännen rämäpää – Finnish title
Te deum – French title
Tedium – Jeder Hiess ein Prankschleg – German title
Tedeum, i pio dynati grothia – Greek title
Vrohi apo sfaires – Greek title
Dá-lhe Agora Tedeum – Portuguese title
Tedium tar hem potten – Swedish title
The Con Men – English title
Father Jackleg – English title
Sting of the West – English title
A 1972 Italian, Spanish co-production [FP Cinematografica, Canaria Film (Rome), Tecisa (Madrid)]
Producers: Franco Palaggi, Virgilio De Blasi
Director: Enzo G. Castellari (Enzo Girolami)
Story: Gianni Simonelli (Giovanni Simonelli), José G. Maesso (José Gutiérrez Maesso), Enzo Girolami
Screenplay: Tito Carpi, Gianni Simonelli (Giovanni Simonelli), Enzo Girolami, José G. Maesso (José Gutiérrez Maesso)
Cinematography: Manuel Rojas (Manuel Hidalgo) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Running time: 99 minutes
Buck Santini/Father Jackleg – Jack Palance (Volodmyr Palanyuk, Jr.)
Tedium Manure – Timothy Brent (Giancarlo Prete)
Stinky Manure – Lionel Stander
Betty Brown – Francesca Romana Coluzzi
Grant – Eduardo Fajardo
Wendy Brown – Mabel Karin
Sheriff – Riccardo Garrone
Ma Manure – María Vico (María Villardo)
Rags Manure – Renzo Palmer (Renzo Bigatti)
Billy – Ángel Álvarez (Ángel Fernandez)
Blake – Rocco Lerro
Train passenger – Dante Cleri
Rich man on train – Ivan Palance (Ivan Palanyuk)
Grant henchman – Freddy Unger (Goffredo Unger)
Branch - Miguel Jiminez Pedregosa
Francisco – Franco Borelli
Miner – Karl Braun
Little Girl – Stefania Girolami
Waiter – Bruno Boschetti
With: Carlo Calo, Ana Suriani, Carla Mancini, Fidel Gonzáles, Gianclaudio Jabes, Guillermo Méndez, Claudio Ruffini

In a rotting cabin, Tedeum Manure along with his father, his mother and grandfather insult and beat each other up furiously, but in their own way they love each other. They have the deed to a rich mine in an area that is full of cheaters and swindlers where documents relating to mining operations are non-existent. Mr. Grant buys these unproductive mines at auction at ridiculously low prices, which he then operates, with the intention of getting his hands on real producing mine sooner or later. Coming on the scene is Father Jackleg a fake priest who is actually an escaped convict named Buck Santin on whose head hangs a sizeable reward. Tedeum and all the Manure family find themselves in the pool of a public restroom, where their mine document becomes soggy and faded, and then useless. Finally, it all comes together in a penitentiary, at the center of which is the well that leads to the rich mine.

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