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Who Are Those Guys? - Gerhard Bienert

Gerhard Bienert was born in Berlin, Germany on January 8, 1898. He is the brother of actor Reinhold Bernt [1902-1981]. In 1916, after graduating from school, he volunteered for military service. During World War I, he took part in the cavalry as a lieutenant in the dragoons.
After the war he studied at his father's request, two semesters of German and philosophy at the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin, where, encouraged by his activity in a student theater, he stopped his studies to learn the profession of an actor. From 1919, he took classes at the Max Reinhardt drama school at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin Berthold hero.
This was followed by first theater roles, first as an extra and from 1921 also as a performer at various stages in Berlin. Bienert founded in 1928 with his brother Reinhold, Werner Pledath, Adolf Fischer, and others a group of young actors, which mainly performed for the socially affluent, critical pieces and plays and then went on tour with their program. Parallel to his work in theater he worked from 1922, usually in small roles, in silent movies. Appearing in “Der Mann mit dem Laubfrosch” (1928) and then in  Phil Jutzi’s “Mutter Krausens Fahrt ins Glück”  procured for Bienert the final breakthrough as an actor.
This was followed by supporting roles in many early sound films, such as 1930 in “Der blaue Engel”, 1931 in “Berlin – Alexanderplatz” and the 1932 Nazi propaganda film “Morgenrot”. During the period of National Socialism he made a lesser commitment to the theater, so he focused increasingly on his film work, which continued during World War II. Bienert at the time was a very busy actor, who starred in 70 films including his only Euro-western “Gold in New Frisco” (1939) in the role of Ferguson.
After the war, Gerhard Bienert belonged to the ensemble of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin until his death. He was one of the few actors of West Berlin, who could work both in East and West Berlin, acting after the construction of the Berlin Wall. From 1953 on, he worked again in film and television productions, but only for the DEFA and the GDR television.
Bienert was married three times including actress Inge Herbrecht [1925-2012] his third wife, until his death on December 23, 1986 in East Berlin, Germany.
BIENERT, Gerhard (Gerhard Max Richard Bienert) [1/8/1898, Berlin, Berlin, Germany - 12/23/1986, East Berlin, Berlin, Germany] - screenwriter, stage, TV actor, brother of actor Reinhold Bernt [1902-1981], married to Barbara Hofen (1932-    ), actress Hilde Volk [1912-1995] (1939-    ), actress Inge Herbrecht [1925-2012] (19??-1986).
Gold in New Frisco - 1939 (Ferguson)

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