Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy 75th Birthday Pasquale Squitieri

Pasquale Squitieri was born on November 27, 1938 in Naples, Campania, Italy. After graduating with a degree in Law in the 60s he went to work at the Banco di Napoli. He made his debut in film as a director and screenwriter withIo e Dio” in 1969, produced by Vittorio De Sica, with Torres and Jose Gregorio Di Lauro and, along the lines of directors such as Sergio Leone he focused briefly on the spaghetti western genre with “Django Defies Sartana” (1970 ) and “Vengeance Trail” (1971). With both films he used the pseudonym "William Redford."
Later, Squitieri abandoned his stage name and dealt with the more current topics and reality of the Italian society. Such ambitious films such asL'ambizioso” (1975), “Il prefetto di ferro” (1977) and “Corleone” (1978) concerning the contacts between the Mafia and politics,Viaggia, ragazza, viaggia, hai la musica nelle vene” (1974) and “Atto di dolore” (1990) have drugs as its main theme; “Gli invisibili” (1989) terrorism; “L'avvocato de Gregorio” (2003) the so-called "white deaths" ; “Razza selvaggia” (1980) and “Il colore dell'odio” (1990) addressing the topic of ' immigration.
Squitieri is more known for his historical and political films, some of which earned him much criticism. Among them can be mentioned “I guappi” (1973), “Claretta” (1984) and “Li chiamarono... briganti!”, a film about post-unification brigandage which tells the story of his most representative figure Carmine Crocco. The latter was one of his most discussed, and was immediately withdrawn from the cinemas.
In 2001 he was a member of the scientific committee that organized the seventh edition of the Città del libro a National Review of the publishers, edited by Salento.
Squitieri has been romantically linked for many years with actress Claudia Cardinale [1938- ] who has appeared in several of his films.
Today we celebrate Pasquale Squitieri 75th birthday.

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