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Die Söhne der großen Bärin – German title
Dakotas - Die Söhne der großen Bärin – German title
Synove Velke medvedice – Czechoslovakian title
Los hijos de la gran madre osa – Argentinian title
Suuren Karhun pojat – Finnish title
Les fils de la grande ourse – French title
A Nagy Medve fiai – Hugarian title
Cheyenne il figlio del serpent – Italian title
Synowie wielkiej niedzwiedzicy – Polish title
Fiii Marii Ursoaice – Russian title
Los hijos de la gran – Spanish title
Sinovi Velike  Medvedice – Yugoslavian title
The Sons of Great Bear – English title
A 1965 East German, Czechoslovakian co-production [DEFA (Postdam-Babelsburg), Bosna Film (Prague)]
Producer: Hans Mahlich
Director: Josef Mach
Story: “Die Sohne der Grossen Barin” by Liselotte Welskopf-Heinrich
Screenplay: Liselotte Welskopf-Heinrich, Margot Beichler, Hans-Joachim Wallstein
Cinematography: Jaroslav Tuzar [Orwocolor, Totalvision]
Music: Wilhelm Neef
Song: “Missoun”, “Saloon Song” sung by Ruth Hohmann
Running time: 98 minutes
Tokei-ihto – John MItchell (Gojko Mitic)
Fred ‘Red Fox’ Clark – Jirí Vrstála
Tobias – Rolf Römer (Rolf Specht)
Major Smith – Hans Hardt-Hardtloff
Lieutenant Roach – Gerhard Rachold
Adams – Horst Jonischkan
Tschetansapa – Jozef Majercik
Tschapa – Jozef Adamovic
Mountain Thunder – Milan Jablonsky
Pitt – Hannjo Hasse
Ben – Helmut Schreiber
Bill – Jose Lepetic (Jozo Lepetic)
Jok – Rolf Ripperger
Jenny – Brigitte Krause
Kate – Karin Beewen
Tashina – Ruth Kommerell
Vinonah – Kati Székely (Catherine Székely)
Mongschongschah – Zofia Slaboszowska
Sitopanaki – Slobodanka Markovic
Hawamdschita – Hans Finohr
Matotupa – A.P. Hoffmann (Adolf Peter Hoffmann)
Schonka – Martin Tapák
Thomas – Horst Kube
Theo – Walter E. Fuss (Walter Eberhardt Fuß)
Tashunka-Wika – Sepp Klose (Josef Klose)
Young Indian – Willi Schrade
Lieutenant Warner – Dietmar Richter-Reinick
Mr. Rabe – Herbert Dirmoser
Young man - Henry Hübchen
With: Gunter Schubert, Franz Bonnet (Francis Bonnet), Blanche Kommerell, Helena Mach, Brigitte Scholz, Johannes Wicke, Cordula Sonnabend, Heiner Koch

In a log cabin in 1874, the Indian Chief Mattotaupa is murdered by the white outlaw Red Fox, as he refuses to reveal the hiding place of his tribe’s gold. This murder is conveyed to his son Tokei- ihto. As war chief of the Bear band of the Oglala tribe Tokei-ihto is in a constant skirmish with the whites in raids which leaves the territory in constant unrest. Two years after his father’s murder Tokei ihto is invited to a peace conference in the reconstructed fort. He is arrested and imprisoned for months in a cellar.
After his release Tokei-ihto decides to leave the reservation with the Bear band and move to Canada. The path is very difficult as he has to not only cross the Missouri River, but also defend his people against the hostile Indians he encounters. But the worst danger follows the Bear gang, the murderers of Mattotaupa who are now after Tokei-ihto.
After an arduous journey the Bear band arrives safely across the Missouri River while Tokei-ihto faces Red Fox in a final battle with Red Fox and defeats him.

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