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La diligencia de los condenados – Spanish title
Ni Sabata, ni Trinità, moi c'est Sartana – Spanish title
Prima ti perdona… poi t’ammazzo – Italian title
Sartana, la diligence de la mort – French title
Ranceros – German title
Prota syghoro… ystera skotono – Greek title
A diligencia dos condenados – Portuguese title
Grav din grav, Sabata kommer – Swedish title
Förlåt först, skjut sen – Swedish title
I’ll Forgive You, Before I Kill You – English title
First They Pardon, Then They Kill – English title
Stagecoach of the Condemned – English title
A 1970 Spanish, Italian, co-production [I.F.I. Produccione (Madrid), Devon Films (Rome)]
Producer: Ignacio F. Iquino
Director: John Wood (Juan Bosch)
Story: Lou Carrigan (Antonio Vera Ramirez)
Screenplay: Luciano Martino, Steve McCoy (Ignacio Iquino), Jackie Kelly (Juliana San José de la
Cinematography: Clinton Taylor (Luciano Trasatti) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Henry Soteh (Enrique Sotes)
Running time: 89 minutes
Robert Walton/Wayne Sonnier – Richard Harrison
Martha Walton/Sonnier – Erica Blanc (Enrica Colombatto)
Ramón/Manuel Sartana/Leon Pomparo – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Anthony Stevens – Bruno Corazzari
John McCandy – Gustavo Re
Herbert Green – Florencio Calpe
Joanna Patricks – Maria Cinta (Maria Labatut)
Elizabeth Patricks – Elena Pironti
Pedro – Fernando Rubio
Patterson/Fox – Ángel Lombarte
Frederick – César Ojinaga
Buchanan – Antonio Molino Rojo
Martin Leroy – Ignacio Abadal (José Abadal)
Voss – Indio González (Gaspar González)
Brett Hudson – Ricardo Moyán
Judge – Miguel Muniesa
Blond girl at farm – Leontine May (Leontina Mariotti)
Jeremy Foster – Juan Torres
Saloon girl – Maria Cinthia Rosello
Cowboys – Juan Patiño, Juan Miguel Solano
With: José Fernando de Miragya, Joaquín Germán, Nano Martín, Alberto Severi

A dangerous criminal, Anthony Stevens, is in jail, accused of murder, but there is only one witness who can prove his crime : he is expected to arrive in town at any moment, coming by stagecoach. A friend of the outlaw, the outlaw Ramon, comes to his rescue by intercepting the coach and kidnapping all passengers and keeping them at the stage station run by a man who calls himself Robert Walton. In order to discover, and eliminate the witness, Ramon must determine which of the passengers the right person is. Ramon and his men terrorize their captives even killing a few. Walton, however, in reality is Wayne Sonnyer, a famous gunslinger, (who supposedly died a few years before, after a duel with Stevens). At first he is powerless to act against Ramon, but is finally able to arm himself and kill the gunman and his accomplices. Meanwhile Stevens, acquitted for lack of evidence, discovers what has happened to Ramon and decides to avenge him. In the ensuing duel between the two, Sonnyer iss definitely the better of the two and kills Stevens.
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  1. One of the best Harrison Euro-Westerns!:)
    Stephan Segantini