Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy 70th Birthday Franco Aloisi

Franco Aloisi was born November 16, 1943 in Genoa, Liguria, Italy. Born to a mother from Genoa and a father from Sicily, his parents were artists who specialized in drawing profiles of emperors from ancient Roman coins. From them he learned the taste of design. He entered the School of Rapallo by Luciano Bottaro, with the original idea, of using an old farmhouse for the production of a making cartoon feature films. The idea came from the fact that Walt Disney’s first studio was in the garage of his uncle Robert in the suburb of Burbank, Los Angeles; which was the beginning of Walt Disney Productions.
After the experience of the School of Rapallo, he followed his own personal interpretation as an illustrator and author, he moved to Genoa in early 1951, where he began his collaboration with Alpe Editions of Milan, for which he created such characters as: the Monkeys and Trik Trak, the gorilla Napoleon, and Robot Man. These were followed in the same period: Re Pistachio, which was also published in France by the publisher Victor Broussard as Roy Pistache, Peter and Genius, The Incredible Ernesto, Nicolino and Carmelino, these characters were a posthumous tribute to his father who died prematurely.
The common denominator of all these characters is the ironic and surreal, which will always be a hallmark of the entire production of Aloisi, even in later years. In 1963 Franco Aloisi left Genoa for Rome and in the capital he encountered the world of entertainment. Here in 1963 he contributed to the television broadcast of the Grand Prix along with the team of Liguria.
In 1965 he became involved in RAI radio broadcasts, then the television comedies and TV series by Anton Giulio Majano “La donna di fiori” with Mario Landi, and some major film productions such as “Bronte, Cronaca di un Massacro” (1972) directed by Florestan Vancini. Aloisi also appeared in his only Euro-western “Full House for the Devil (1968). During this era he experiences the world of film dubbing, becoming the Italian voice of a young Kurt Russell in the movie “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” (1969). Franco then decides to return to the world of ' illustration and visual arts and opened a studio in Tuscany, where he still works, devoting himself to painting, which according to critics, with production of oils on canvas, serigraphs and sculptures.
Today we celebrate Franco Aloisi’s 70th birthday.

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