Friday, May 10, 2013

Who Are Those Guys? - Aldo Berti

Aldo Berti was born on February 29, 1936 in Florence. He appeared in over 40 films from 1956's “Time of Vacation” with Vittorio De Sica until 1972's “Return of the Holy Ghost”. Half of his films were Euro-westerns. Among them were supporting roles in “A Stranger in Sacaramento” and “Why Go On Killing?” both 1965, “The Dirty Outlaws” and “A Stranger in Town” both 1967, “Once Upon a Time in the West” (1968), “El Puro” (1969), “The Ballad of Death Valley” (1970), “Have a Nice Funeral” and “Mallory Must Not Die” both in 1971 and two Spirito Santo films in 1972.
Aldo lived a nomadic life traveling all over the world after giving up his film career. Aldo was living life with no cares and a mind like a sponge soaking up everything he could see and hear. He was friends with William Berger, had a romantic relationship with actress Barbara Steele after which he almost committed suicide. Berti was friends with Sarah Churchill, became a poet and wrote a book of poems entitled ‘Canto Finale’.
On February 14, 1984 while traveling up the Nile with a load of patients for Juba and the first Doctors Without Borders they were attacked by armed men with machine guns, grenades and burned. Hundreds died and Aldo’s spirit died with them. From that point on he lived a personal life of shame for not dying with them.
For many years he lived a simple life in Morocco. He was diagnosed with brain cancer in October of this year and returned to Florence to face death. One of the most recognized Italian character actors left us on December 26, 2010. His motto was "To be born is the privilege of all, having lived a privileged few." 
BERTI, Aldo (aka Steve Saint-Claire) [2/29/1936, San Clemente, Florence, Tuscany, Italy - 12/26/2010, Florence, Tuscany, Italy (brain cancer)] - TV actor, poet.
The Last Tomahawk - 1964
A Stranger in Sacramento – 1965 (Chris) [as Steve Saint-Claire]
Why Go on Killing? - 1965 (Gringo)                                                             
Go with God Gringo - 1966 (Bill)
Ramon the Mexican - 1966 (Jack Castro/Carson)
Born to Kill - 1967 (Dodge/Dudgett)
The Dirty Outlaws - 1967 (Jonathan/Gionata)
A Strange in Town - 1967 (Marinero)
15 Scaffolds for a Killer – 1968
A Long Ride from Hell - 1968
Once Upon a Time in the West - 1968 (Frank’s henchman)
El Puro - 1969 (Cassidy)
The Ballad of Death Valley - 1970 (George Craig/George Douglas)
Have a Nice Funeral - 1970 (Colorado Joe)
Hey Amigo, to Your Death - 1970 (Blake/Blackie)
A Gunman Called Dakota - 1971 (henchman)
Guns for Dollars - 1971
Gunmen and the Holy Ghost - 1972 (Caccola)
Return of the Holy Ghost - 1972 (Caccola)

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