Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Due Flußpiraten vom Mississippi – German title
Les pirates du Mississippi – French title
Le colt fait la loi – French title
De colt stelt de wet – Belgium title
Oi peiratai tou Mississippi – Greek title
Agguato sul grande fiume – Italian title
Cuatreros del Mississippi – Spanish title
Pirates of the Mississippi – English title
River Pirates of the Mississippi – English title
A 1963 German, French co-production [Rapid Firm (Munich), Societe Nouvelle de Cinmatographie (Paris), Produzione Fuchs SPA (Rome)]
Producer: Wolf C. Hartwig
Director: Jürgen Rowland (Jürgen Schellack)
Story: Friedrich Gerstäcker
Screenplay: Johannes Kai, W.P. Zibasco (Werner P. Zippel)
Cinematography: Rolf Kästel [Eastmancolor, Cinemascope]
Music: Willy Mattes (Wilhelm Mattes)
Running time: 105 minutes
Sheriff James Lively – Hansjörg Felmy
Captain Allan Kelly – Horst Frank
Adele/Evelyn – Sabine Sinjen (Sonja Senin)
Tom Cook/Greenwood/Quinthy – Brad Harris (Bradford Harris)
Georgia – Dorothee Parker (Dorothee Glöcklen)
Doc Mongrove – Karl Lieffen (Karel Liffca)
Black Eagle – Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella)
Mrs. Bridleford – Jeannette Batty (Henrietta Genot)
Bud Blackfoot/Jackson – Dan Vadis (Constantine Vafiadis)
Wichita – Barbara Simon (Bruno Simionato)
Judge Dayton – Paolo Solvay (Luigi Batzella)
Mary – Sonja Jerin
Frank - Vlado Bačić (Vladimir Bačić)
Uncle Jonathan - Joco Turk (Danilo Turk)

A gang of pirates on the Mississippi River tries to take control of the peaceful country. The man sent to eliminate it must fight against the distrust of the people, criminals and even the Indians. When the thugs steal a Cherokee Indian land grant in a mail robbery and take over Helena, Arkansas, the Cherokees save the settlers while taking revenge on the outlaws.
YouTube Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giS8cBHCpGI

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