Sunday, May 19, 2013


The Gunfighter – English title
The Running Gun – U.K. title
A 1992 British production [Screenwest LSF Productions (Berkshire)]
Producer: Lindsay Craig Shonteff
Director: Lindsay Craig Shonteff
Story: “The Running Gun” by Robert McLeod
Screenplay: Jay Cameron
Cinematography: Len McClure [Techincolor]
Music: Caleb King (Caleb Lindsay)
Running time: 96 minutes
Father/Frank – James E. Coates
Cowboy – Michael Collins
Woman – Becky Davies (Rebecca Davies)
Small boys – Holden Dwyer, Crispin Woods
Lone figure – Jack Dwyer
Undertaker – Kerry Ellis
Sonny – Mato Grbavac
Billy – Mathew Henley
Deputy – Kurt Johnson
Gunfighter – Lawrence Day
Sheriff – Bill Stickland (William Strickland)
With: Tyler Todd, Raymond Delehoy, E.B. Myers, Richard Trujillo
A gunfighter drifts into a small Arizona town offering his gun for hire he finds what life is all about and that his has been wasted.

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