Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Roy Colt e Winchester Jack – Italian title
Colt e Wincester Jack – Italian title
Tappavat kaverit – Finnish title
Roy Colt et Winchester Jack – French title
Drei Halunken und ein Halleluja – German title
Quando as Pistolas Decidem - Portuguese title
Erkeklik öldü mü amigo? – Turkish title
Roy Colt y Winchester Jack – Spanish title
Roy Colt and Winchester Jack – English title
A 1970 Italian production [P.A.C., Tigielle 3 (Rome)]
Producer: Luigi Alessi
Director: Mario Bava
Story: Mario Bava, Mario Di Nardo
Screenplay: Mario Di Nardo
Cinematography: Antonio Rinaldi, Mario Bava [Eastmancolor]
Music: Piero Umilani
Song: “Roy Colt” sung by Free Love
Running time: 99 minutes
Roy Colt – Brett Halsey (Charles Hand)
Winchester Jack – Charles Southwood
Mahila – Marilù Tolo
‘The Reverend’ – Teodoro Corrà
Boida – Federico Boido
Berenstein – Mauro Bosco (Mauro Bellatreccia)
Winchester henchmen – Lee Burton (Guido Lollobrigida), Piero Morgia
‘The Reverend’s’ henchmen – Bruno Corazzari, Osiride Pevarello, Pietro Torrisi
Old man – Franco Pesci
Samuel – Giorgio Gargiullo
Deaf man – Vincenzo Crocitti
Mama Lizzy/Mammola – Isa Miranda (Ines Samprieto)
Henchmen – Maurizio Laureri, Leo De Nobili

When Roy Colt and Winchester Jack are failing miserably at being outlaws, Roy resolves to dissolve the partnership and earn an honest living in Carson City. When he arrives at Carson City he’s greeted with a hero’s welcome along with a badge and a gun. The new sheriff gets that old familiar outlaws feeling when the nervous citizens entrust him with a copy of a stolen treasure map that is said to lead to a treasure of buried gold. Unfortunately for Roy, the mysterious Reverend, a dynamite-toting Russian outlaw; his old partner Jack; a Jewish desperado named Berenstein; and Mahila, a wanted Indian seductress, are also in pursuit of the gold. By the time Roy reaches the Indian burial ground where the gold is said to be buried, it's anyone's guess as to who will get the gold first. With everyone eliminated except Roy and Jack they start a fight over who’s gold it is while Mahila manages to escape with the treasure.


  1. Complete Portuguese title:

    Quando as Pistolas Decidem

  2. Thanks Antonio, acknowledged and corrected