Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy 60th Birthday Kiti Manver

María Isabel Ana Mantecón Vernalte  was born on May 11, 1953 in Antequera, Malaga, Spain. She is a very familiar face in Spanish cinema and has worked with the likes of Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, Pedro Almodóvar, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Gerardo Vera, José Luis García Sánchez, Alvaro Fernandez Armero, Alex de la Iglesia and José Luis Garci, among many others.
Known to filmgoers as Kiti Manver, she received a Goya Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1991 with her performance in the film “Todo por la pasta” directed by Enrique Urbizu, which also starred Málaga María Barranco.
Manver appeared in two Euro-westerns: “Yankee Dudler” (1973) and “At Full Gallop” (2000).
Today we celebrate Kit Manver’s 60th birthday.

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