Saturday, May 11, 2013

Roméo cow-boy

Roméo cow-boy – Italian title
A 1908 French production [Gaumont International (Paris)]
Producer: ?
Director: Roméo Bosetti
Story: Roméo Bosetti
Screenplay: Roméo Bosetti
Cinematography: ? [black & white]
Running time: ?
Roméo – R. Bosetti (Romeo Bosetti)
A western involving the adventures of Roméo in the Roméo film series of comedic shorts.

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  1. Biltmore: Early Italian Cowboy! Romeo Bosetti aka Romolus Joseph Baresi was born Jan 18, 1879, Chiari, Italy, and died Oct. 27, 1948, Suresnes, France.


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