Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Who Are Those Guys? ~Al Cliver

Al Cliver was born Pierluigi Conti on July 16, 1951 in Alexandria, Egypt. Cliver was discovered at the age of 16, and was cast in a few commercials for Italian TV. A few years later started his acting career in Italian cinema. At the time it was still trendy for Italian actors to used American stage so to use the first name Al in honor of Al Pacino and his last name Cliver was taken from a death row prisoner who had writer an best selling novel. In 1974 he made his debut in the film “Il Saprofitia. He was cast mainly in erotic, adventure and crime movies and is best remembered for his roles in Luci Fulci’s “Zombi 2”, “The Black Cat”, “The Beyond” and “Demonia”. He also appeared in Franco’s “Mondo Cannibale” and “Devil Hunter”.

He was in a romantic relationship with French actress Annie Belles from 1975 to 1978 and acted alongside her in the films; “Forever Emmanuelle”, “Blue Belle”, “Velluto Nero” and “Un giorno alla fine di Ottobre.

In 2008 Al was diagnosed with throat cancer and in August of that year underwent surgery which left him to speak only in whispers. Today he lives in Bali where he is the owner and manager of holiday villas.

In 2018 he wrote his memoirs Without Script which was then published.

Al’s best remembered by Euro-western fans for his starring role of Tommy in 1976’s “Apache Woman”.

CLIVER, Al (aka Al Clever, Pier Luigi Conti, David Green) (Pierluigi Conti) [7/16/1951, Alexandria, Egypt –     ] – film, TV actor, married to Anne Belle (Annie Brilland) [1956-    ] (1975-1978) Brenda Griffin (19??-    ), owner and manager of Balivillini Resorts.
Apache Woman – 1976 (Tommy)
2020 Texas Gladiators – 1982 (Nisus) [as David Green]

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