Thursday, January 16, 2020

La venganza se sirve fria

La venganza se sirve fria – Spanish title
Revenge is Served Cold – English translated title

A 2018 Spanish short film production [G & C producciones (Madrid)]
Producer: Luis Romero, Julio García, Miguel A. Cañadas
Director: Miguel Angel Cañadas, Julio García
Story: Miguel Angel Cañadas
Screenplay: Miguel Angel Cañadas
Cinematography: Aaron Martinez, Adrian Berenguer [color]
Music: Julio García, Cris Puli.
Running time: 15 minutes

Harry ‘The Chameleon’ - Luís Romero
Billy - Miguel Angel Cañadas
El Nino - Nabil Karma
Muchacha - Macarena Velasco
Nina - Victoria Lopez.

In the far west a story of revenge takes place that arrives through “karma”, of which its main protagonist does not remember anything at the end of his days, because of a disease not yet known, “Alzheimer's” which he has contracted. The orphan he picked up as a young daughter is in charge of reminding him of his adventurous and exciting past.

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