Monday, January 13, 2020

European Western Comic Books ~ Nuova collana smeraldo (Lone Ranger)

This is a comic book series based on the adventures of the Lone Ranger called Lon Ranger or the Loner of the Forest. I was published in 1948 by the G. Nerbini Publishing House in Florence, Italy, under the direction of Giuseppe Cartoni. It was a 16 page weekly publication in black and white with color covers. The stories were written by Frank Stricker and drawn by Charles Flanders (except #12 which was drawn by Kressy). The covers were drawn by Jupiter Toppi. The first issue was published on September 19, 1948 and the last issue #14 was published on March 20, 1949. 

01 (19.09.48) - “Il solitario della foresta” (Loner of the Forest)
02 (26.09.48) - “La fattoria Martini” (The Martini Farm)
03 (03.10.48) - “Una voce misteriosa” (A Mysterious Voice)
04 (10.10.48) - “Il mistero del corriere postale” (The Mystery of the Postal Carrier)
05 (31.10.48) - “L’assalto alla corriera” (The Assault on the Bus)
06 (07.11.48) - “L’imboscata” (The Ambush)
07 (14.11.48) - “Il messaggio smarrito” (The Lost Message)
08 (21.11.48) - “La trappola da orsi” (The Bear Trap)
09 (26.12.48) - “La minaccia indiana” (The Indian Threat)
10 (02.01.49) - “La miniera contesa” (The Contested Mine)
11 (09.01.49) - “La cava in fiamme” (The Quarry on Fire)
12 (16.01.49) - “L’assalto al treno” (The Assault on the Train)
13 (13.03.49) - “L’esplosione al pozzo di petrolio” (The Explosion at the Oil Well)
14 (20.03.49) - “La corriera tragica” (The Tragic Bus)

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