Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Who Are Those Gals? ~ Faith Clift

Faith Janice Clift was born in California, U.S.A. in November of 1938. She attended Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, California and graduated in 1957. In 1964 she met producer, writer, actor Philip Yordan when she gave him a ride after his car broke down in a Beverly Hills parking garage. They would marry later that year. Faith worked with her husband as a technical advisor on “Custer of the West” (1967). She would then go on to appear in seven of the films Yordan worked on as a writer among which was the Euro-western “Captain Apache” in 1970 where she appeared as Abigail.

She is the mother of actress Julie Yordan, and today she lives in San Diego, California and is involved as a producer of a film in production called “Anna Lucasta” starring Fred Williamson.

CLIFT, Faith (aka Face Clift, Faith Yordan) (Faith Janice Clift) [11/?/1938, Sunnyvale, California, U.S.A. -     ] – producer, film, TV actress, married to producer, writer, actor Philip Yordan (Philip S. Yordan) [1914-2003] (1964-2003) mother of actress Julie Yordan (Juliet Faith Yordan) [1967-    ].
Captain Apache – 1970 (Abigail)

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