Wednesday, January 1, 2020

RIP Milan Beli

RIP Milan Beli. One of Serbia’s most respected actors Milan Beli died on New Years Eve 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia he was 88. He was born Milan Bosiljčić-Beli in Konjane, Serbia, Yugoslavia on September 20, 1931. He studied physical education in Belgrade and at that time, also established his first contacts with the world of film. At that time in Yugoslavia they were filming western and adventure film co-productions and stuntmen were often chosen from among the students of the Belgrade High Schools. In 1957 he received his first small film role in the Franco-Yugoslav film “Burlak”. In addition to his mother tongue he also knew German, English and French, therefore he was able to gain since 1968, a greater number of offers from production companies such as DEFA, who were filming Indian films. Beli was twice married, has a daughter and a son who is also a well-known actor. He was good friends with Gojko Mitic, who arranged for him roles in three of his Indian films (Tecumseh, Apaches, The Scout). Beli appeared in four Euro-westerns:  Thunder at the Border - 1966; Tecumseh – 1972 (Raffael); Apaches – 1973 (Johnson) and the The Scout – 1983 (Major Brannigan).

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