Sunday, November 3, 2019

Who Are Those Composers? ~ Fernando Garcia Morcillo

Fernando García Morcillo was born in Valdemoro, Madrid, Spain on February 25, 1916. He was a member of a family of musicians (from Villanueva de la Serena's father and from Don Benito's mother), he studied music theory, piano, trombone, violin, harmony, composition and orchestra conducting at the Academy of San Miguel and the Real Conservatory of Music of Madrid, although he was completing his training by opening to styles such as jazz, bolero, copla and boogie-woogie. In the 1940s he was the director of several orchestras, as well as the director of several live music programs on the National Radio of Spain and Radio Madrid. Morcillo was also director of the RCA record house for nine years.

In 1942 he began to devote himself to musical comedy and films, obtaining great successes with works such as "Dos millones para dos", "Zafarrancho", "Oriente y accidente", "Metidos en harina", "Aquí Leganés" and "La señora es el señor". Since the 1950s he began to compose for the cinema and was the author of more than 60 scores, working many times with the director Jesús Franco. He was also an arranger for the album “Forgesound”, by Jesús Munárriz and Luis Eduardo Aute .

Artists such as María Dolores Pradera, Sara Montiel, Frank Sinatra, and Carmen Sevilla were some of the most prominent performers he has worked with over the years.

Fernando García Morcillo died in Madrid, Spain on December 10, 2002.

MORCILLO, Fernando García (aka Fred Garcia, Warren Jellico, Fernando G. Marcillo, F. Garcia Morcillo, F. García Morcillo, Fdo. G. Morcillo, Fernando G. Morcillo, Fernando Gcia. Morcillo, Fernando Gª Morcillo, Fernand Morcillo, Mtro. García Morcillo) [2/25/1916, Valdemoro, Madrid, Spain – 12/10/2002, Madrid, Madrid, Spain] – composer, conductor, arranger, songwriter, conductor, musician (piano, trombone, violin).
Apache Fury – 1963
Massacre at Fort Grant – 1964 [as Fred Garcia]
Ballad of a Bounty Hunter – 1965 [as Warren Jellico]
The Christmas Kid – 1966 [as F. Garcia Morcillo]

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