Monday, November 25, 2019

European Western Comic Books Albi Nuove Avventure – Lone Ranger

A pocket edition of the ALBI NEW ADVENTURE series which presents: THE ADVENTURES OF THE GRAN CAPO BAKALON (Big Chief Wahoo) (GB) by Allen Saunders and Elmer Woggon; GENNY THE STEERING WHEEL (Flyin 'Jenny) (GV) by Russell Keaton; LONE RANGER (LR) by Charles Flanders; THE RED KNIGHT (Red Ryder) (CR) of Fred Harman; LIGHTNESS SHOT (Hopalong Cassidy) (CF), TOM MIX and DICK MONTES (Monte Hale) (DM), all taken from Fawcett's comic books, with texts by Otto Binder and Paul S. Newman and drawings by Carl Pfeufer and John Jordan . And again IL FANTASMA MASCHERATO (The Phantom) (FM), PIPPO IL GUASTAFESTE (PG) and the FOUR GUYS (4R).

The comic book series began printing from #1 May 23, 1948 until July, 1949 by Corrado Tedeschi Editore under the direction of Corrado Tedeschi in Florence, Italy on weekly basis with 20-32 pages with color covers and black and white pages.

01 (23.05.48) - “La base segreta” (GV) (The Secret Base)
02 (30.05.48) - “La grande battaglia” (GV) (The Great Battle)
03 (19.06.48) - “Il cavallo selvaggio” (GB) (The Wild Horse)
04 (26.06.48) - “La Maga Rossa” (FM) (The Red Magician)
05 (03.07.48) - “La corsa dei cani” (GB) (The Dog Race)
06 (10.07.48) - “Brividi in jeep” (PG) (Chills in a Jeep)
07 (07.08.48) - “La roccia del tesoro” (4R) (The Rock Treasure)
08 (14.08.48) - “La carovana del tesoro” (LR)  (The Treasure Caravan)
09 (21.08.48) - “La freccia rossa” (LR) (The Red Arrow)
10 (28.08.48) - "L’accusato" (CF) (The Accused)
11 (25.09.48) - "La "gang" della Freccia Nera (LR) (The Gang of the Black Arrow)
12 (02.10.48) - "Tre contro la morte" (LR) (Three Against Death)
13 (09.10.48) - "L’assalto alla carovana” (LR) (The Assault on the Caravan)
14 (16.10.48) - "Il mistero del cadavere scomparso" (LR) (The Mystery of the Dead
15 (23.10.48) - "Il biglietto ingannatore" (CR) (The Deceitful Ticket)
16 (30.10.48) - "La valigia della morte" (CF) (The Suitcase of Death)
17 (06.11.48) - "Il fantasma della caverna" (LR) (The Ghost in the Cave)
18 (13.11.48) - "L’infame ricatto" (CR) (The Infamous Blackmail)
19 (20.11.48) - "Fiamme tra il grano" (LR) (Flames in the Wheat)
20 (27.11.48) - "La sfida di Moschito" (CF) (The Challenge of Moschito)
21 (00.00.00)
22 (00.00.00)
23 (00.03.49) - “La caccia allo sciacallo” (DM) (The Jackal Hunt)
24 (00.04.49) - “La lotta per la terra” (CF) (The Struggle for the Land)
25 (00.06.49) - “La città fantasma” (DM) (The Ghost Town)
26 (00.07.49) - “La giustizia del west” (CF) (The Justice of the West)

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