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Albi nuove avventure – I Nuove Avventure - Albi Colibri - Avventurosi

This comic book series was first published in 1948 and contained 92 weekly in three series starting with #1 on May 6, 1948 and ending with #92 in December 1953. It was published by Corrado Tedeschi Publishing in Florence, Italy under the direction of Corrado Tedeschi. Each issue varied in length from 26-32 pages with black and white pages and color covers.

Serie I: CAPITAN BOMBA (The Katzenjammer Kids) (CB) di H. H. Knerr, IL PICCOLO INDIANO (PI) di Guido Fantoni (the Americanization of “Bobby Phantom”), ARCIBALDO E PETRONILLA (Bringing Up Father) (AP) e CIRILLINO (Snookums) (CI) di Geo. Mc Manus, LA BANDA DEI LUPACCHIOTTI (BL), KAANGA IL PRINCIPE DELLA GIUNGLA (KA) di John Celardo, L’UOMO LEOPARDO (UL), GLI AMMUTINATI (AM), BRACCIO DI FERRO (Popeye) (BF) di Bela Zaboly, ANATROCCOLO (AN), BUBI BALZELLO (Bugs Bunny) (BB). In appendice: PENNA DRITTA (Straight Arrow) di Gardner Fox (testi) e Joe Certa (disegni) (nn. 4, 6, 8, 10, 38); MUTTI E GEFFI (Mutt and Jeff) di Bud Fisher (nn. 23/24); POLDO TELAFÒ (n. 8); PAOLOTTO (n. 12); PANCIO BILL (n. 18); PITTI PATTI (n. 23); FELIX (nn. 24, 26, 36); “Daisy la pigra” (n. 26); “Il dottor Trippetti” (n. 26); “Gigi il verme”, “Il dottor Dulcamara”, “Sherlocchino Occhiodilince”, “Lillo e Billo”, “Piedipiatti” (n. 20); “La sposa dell’orco” (n. 31); TOM TORN (n. 34), CAIRO JONES (Miss Cairo Jones) (CJ) di Jerry Albert/Bob Oksner (n. 56).

Series II: four alternate series sometimes showing double numbering, that of the series and that of the series: CIRILLINO series (CI) (5 nos.), CAPITAN BOMBA series (CB) (1 n.), Series JUSTTIER OF WEST (Monte Hale) (MH) (4 nos.), FUZZI series (FU) (2 nos.) (Originally the character is Gabby Hayes, taken from Fawcett's comic books, drawings by Leonard Frank). The periodicity declared it a monthly, but in reality two or three registers came out in a month.

Series III: was a reprint from the previous two series in random order from CIRILLINO, CAPITAN BOMBA, ARCIBALDO AND PETRONILLA, IL PICCOLO INDIANO and MONTE HALE, on the occasion of the figurine competition "Weapons and Costumes of the World". Each number has several different extensions to facilitate collection.

Series IV: was proposed to be a a series of 2 albums, but the packaging is bellows with 26 pages. Images provided by Gianni Bono, Franco Guerra and Nestore Corti.

Series 1 western issues

02 (12.06.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e il serpente” (PI) (The Little Indian and the Snake)
04 (26.06.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e l’orso pescatore” (PI) (The Lttle Indian and the Fsherman Bear)
06 (10.07.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e il calumet della pace” (PI) (The Little Indian and the Calumet of Peace)
08 (24.07.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e la puzzola” (PI) (The little Indian and the skunk)
10 (07.08.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e la «zolletta di zucchero»” (PI) (The Lttle Indian and the Sugar Lump)
12 (21.08.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e le faccende domestiche»” (PI) (The Little Indian and Household Chores)
25 (12.10.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e l’anello miracoloso” (PI) (The Little Indian and the Miraculous Ring)
27 (16.10.48) - “Il piccolo indiano a caccia” (PI) (The Little Indian on the Hunt)
33 (30.10.48) - “Il piccolo indiano nell’isola misteriosa” (PI) (he Little Indian on the Mysterious Island)
35 (04.11.48) - “Il piccolo indiano in vacanze” (PI) (The Little Indian in Vacation)
39 (26.11.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e il rubino” (PI) (The Little Indian and the Ruby)
41 (02.12.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e il tam-tam dei bichi-nichi” (PI) (The Little Indian and the Tam-Tam of the Bichi-nichi)
42 (05.12.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e la cassa di wisky” (PI) (The Little Indian and the Case of Wisky)
47 (25.12.48) - “Il piccolo indiano e il pappagallo” (PI) (The Lttle Indian and the Prrot)
49 (01.01.49) - “Il piccolo indiano avventure di terra, cielo e mare” (PI) (The Little Indian Adventures of Earth, Sky and Sea)
50 (04.01.49) - “Il piccolo indiano nel bar di Don Pedro” (PI) (The Little Indian in the Bar of Don Pedro)

Series II Western series
01 (10.11.48) - “I cavalieri di fuoco” (The Knights of Fire)
02 (22.11.48) - “L’anello di Dario” (Dario’s Ring)

Series III Western titles

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