Friday, December 23, 2016

Remembering Bud and Terence

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, between a scazzotata and a plate of beans, all the cult scenes that made them immortal (photos, video)

By Alberto Forno

Turn the Other Cheek

1974 Porgi l’altra guancia, Regia di Franco Rossi

St. Camillus, St. Camillus let me stay a little 'quiet.
    St. Thomas, St. Thomas or I feel a fly on the nose.
    San Clemente, San Clemente makes me to be very patient, because if I lose my patience I have to do penance.

In the Year of our Lord 1890, Father Pedro (Bud Spencer) and Father G. (Terence Hill) are missionaries in a community of natives who live on an island in Central America. Their values ​​are not equal nor approved by the local governor, the Marquis Gonzaga, nor from the upper echelons of the Church, closer to the political exploitation of the inhabitants implemented by the marquis. When the two priests pass along the facts, a real revolution breaks out that the Marquis has to quell asking and obtaining from the Bishop that Father Pedro and Father Pedro G. are transferred to another mission under its direct control. Of course this is not readily accepted by the two missionaries...

    The angels will come and separate the good from the bad, the angels will come and separate ... The angels are here!

Curiosity: Pocodopo the beginning, before the Father and the Father Pedro G from going to Maracaibo, Father Pedro bald man asks if he can take for the tribes' census, they answers no. Pero 'you’ll find that no one knows how to count and then is instructed to count the people for baptism. To the question "sign me up too ..." Bud replied motioning as to write: "you, with a note: black sheep" But the man can not write ...

[To be continued tomorrow]

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