Friday, December 2, 2016

Cinevento 2007: In Memory of Francesco De Masi

Cinevento 2007: In Memory of Francesco De Masi – English title

A 2008 Italian, German co-production [Freak-O-Rama (Rome), KOCH ( )]
Producer: Ulrich P. Bruckner, Federico Caddeo
Director: Federico Caddeo
Screenplay: Federico Caddeo
Photography: Marco Ristori [color]
Music: Francesco De Masi, Franco Micalizzi
Running time: 40 minutes

Alessandro Alessandroni, Lamberto Bava, Enzo G. Castellari, Franco De Gemini, Filippo De Masi, Umberto Lenzi, Francesco De Masi [archive footage]

This documentary is a 2007 gathering to remember Italian composer Francesco De Masi and his contribution to the many films he composed scores for including many Euro-westerns.

Released as an extra on KOCH Media’s DVD release of “Django - Die Geier stehen Schlange”.

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